Dear Parent/ Guardian

Parent Meeting Work Shop – Transition to school September 2019 –All parents of children going to school September 2019 are invited to attend an information work shop, on Thursday 23rd  May at 5.00pm. This is to give information and support with your child’s transition from nursery to school.


Individual Parent Meeting – Mon 17th June – Fri 21st June 2019 –All parents of children going to school September 2019 are invited to attend an individual meeting with our nursery teacher Mrs Gillian Wanless, to discuss your child’s development and progress. Gillian will arrange an appointment time to meet with parents. This is a lovely opportunity to see the information that will be given to your chosen primary school class teacher. William House Nursery attends a transition meeting with schools (usually July) to ensure your child’s information is transferred to help the class teacher.


Comet Club – Time table of activities have been organised. Please let nursery office know as soon as possible for half term. All children will be made most welcome.


Graduation Photographs – school leavers only have been arranged for Thurs 13th June (8am -1pm), this will be your child’s last photo in nursery before starting big school. If your child attends the afternoon session or a different day you are welcome to pop into nursery for your child’s photograph to be taken.


William House Nursery Facebook – We are delighted to announce that William House is now active on face book. Individual parents have had the opportunity to complete a consent form. The intention of its use is to complement and enhance our communication link with our parents. Parents often ask about the activities the children participate in.


Music, Singing, and dance – All children age 3 years onwards can participate in the Music, singing and dance session each Wednesday 1.00 – 2.00pm. If you would like your child to participate speak to a member of staff. If your child attends mornings and would like to join in parents can book nursery time until 2pm.


Yours sincerely

P. M. Boulton