Dear Parent/ Guardian

The Darlington Food Standards Safety Agency Nursery Visit = 5 STAR AWARD

The Darlington Food Standards Safety Agency came into nursery on Thursday 7th February. The Environmental Health officer carried out a robust and systematic check of our kitchen and paper work. We are delighted to inform parents we have kept the 5 Star award. I would like to thank the kitchen team for all their hard work and continued commitment to keeping our standards.


People who help us

Darlington police kindly came into nursery on two separate visits to talk to the children. The officers brought police dog Ben and Jet to show the children how clever they are helping keeping the children safe. The children were able to ask questions, dress up in police hats and looked at the police car/siren

Online safety information

As we are becoming more aware children younger and younger are accessing the internet on a variety of electronic devices. It is vital that we all work together to keep our children safe. Information for parents is to always supervise young children whilst online. In nursery we have security blocks on our IT system and talk to the children age appropriate regarding being safe online, for example or switching off and telling an adult.

Children in need

Thank you for supporting Children in need we raised £155

Springtime nursery trips

The children aged 3-4 years have already enjoyed a nature walk. We arrange small groups to participate and plan to walk to Haughton Village to look at the spring flowers. Parents will be informed of the date your child will be going.

Yours Sincerely

P.M. Boulton