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Fees and Funding

Funding for two, three and four year olds early years education place.

Funding is received from Darlington Local Authority and taken off parent’s total account. It remains parent’s responsibility for the payment of the nursery account and any difference to be paid. The funding is given to children the term after their second or third birthday and will continue until your child enters school.

The funding is given to some 2 year olds the term after their 2nd birthday. It covers 15 hrs per week term time only.

All 3 year olds are entitled to 15 hours. From September 2017, some children may be entitled to 30 hours funding from the term after their 3rd birthday.

Meals and consumables are subject to an additional charge.

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Childcare Vouchers: Via your payroll department parents can benefit from the childcare vouchers scheme, making savings through National Insurance and Income Tax contributions. Please speak to the nursery office for further details. We also accept payment from Care to Learn, Colleges, and University Bursary

Tax free childcare: William House Nursery have joined the tax free childcare system. This is a tax free child care account through the Government for children under the age of 12. Please refer to website for more details.

Universal Tax Credits: Many families are eligible for tax credits for children age birth to sixteen. This also contributes to nursery fees. Information is available from Darlington Tax Office.

Fee Payment: Fees are paid weekly or monthly and full payment is required within the first three weeks of the month, by debit card, or cash. Extra sessions booked over and above your normal nursery hours will be charged and carried over to the next month’s account. The nursery reserves the right to withdraw a nursery place until payment is received.

Fee Review: Parents will be notified in advance of any changes which will take effect from the beginning of your next month’s account.

fees and funding