Dear Parent/ Guardian

Bank Holidays – Nursery will be closed on Good Friday 19th April and Easter Monday 22nd April 2019

Easter Holidays – If you would like your child to attend during the Easter holidays please speak to nursery office.

Comet Club – Time table of activities have been organised. Please let nursery office know as soon as possible.

William House Nursery Facebook – We are delighted to announce that William House is now active on face book. Individual parents have had the opportunity to complete a consent form. The intention of its use is to complement and enhance our communication link with our parents. Parents often ask about the activities the children participate in.


Music, Singing, and dance – All children age 3 years onwards can participate in the Music, singing and dance session each Wednesday 1.00 – 2.00pm. If you would like your child to participate speak to a member of staff. If your child attends mornings and would like to join in parents can book nursery time until 2pm.


Spring Walks -Spring time is always a lovely time to start our nature walks. The children have already enjoyed looking at the spring flowers in Haughton Village.


Comic relief – Money raised £27.63 Thank you for your kind support


National healthy body, Happy me week !  – The children have been busy learning about being healthy. How exercise helps to keep us fit and healthy promoting a healthy heart. The children drew around one of the children on a large piece of paper and discussed where there heart, lungs and brain is situated. During outdoor play the children did lots of star jumps and then asked to observe how their breathing changed and also how their heart beat faster. We encourage the children to makes healthy choices offering healthy snacks, drinks and nutritious meals.


No smoking  -Please may I ask for Parents support, it has been noticed that on occasions adults waiting outside of nursery have been seen smoking at the bottom of the ramp or outside of the window. We do promote a smoke free healthy environment. To make adults aware that it has been commented upon by other parents they do not wish to walk their children through smoke when entering nursery. Thank you.


People who help us – The children enjoyed separate visits from the Police with ‘Jet and Ben’ (Police dogs) and the Fire Brigade. The children had the opportunity to dress up and ask lots of questions. They saw the police dogs and police car and the fire engine with the water hose. We really do appreciate the time that the Police and Fire services gave to support the children’s learning.

Yours Sincerely

P.M. Boulton – Director